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“Dr. Javanmardi, or “Mike” as he is known to his patients, is a very caring person. He is always concerned for his patients and strives to eliminate, or at the very least to diminish their pain. He has a unique ability to use just the right touch or pressure, he is gentle, yet strong at the same time. He suggests exercises that the patients can use at home to help them strengthen pertinent musculature. He has excellent rapport with his patients, i.e. a great “bedside manner”, and demonstrates a genuine interest in helping them get better. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a physical therapist!”

Anita Quinones

“I can’t thank you enough Dr. Javanmardi for all the help in answering my questions about all the different insurance carriers, also for all the encouragement and positive attitude. I look forward to coming every week and being greeted by the politeness of the office manager Mitra. The centers atmosphere is pleasant . I really appreciate all the time you spend with me. Thank You.”

Christopher Scott

“Dr. Javanmardi’s PRIME Therapy and pain Center provides the best physical therapy ever. Dr. Javanmardi personally assesses and treats you, individually, according to your specific condition. His methods are targeted at your rehabilitation needs. Dr. Javanmardi truly cares and devotes himself professionally to each patient’s improvement and recovery. I have gained in core strength and overall flexibility, despite my neurological challenges. I highly recommend prime therapy and pain Central.”

Dan. R. Brooks, Ed, D.

“I am grateful for Dr. Hooman Mike Javanmardi and his courteous staff at the prime therapy and Pain Center. This year a work related injury that had sidelined me from being able to perform many of my life’s responsibilities. With Mike’s help and professional staff, I am back on track to a full recovery and have returned to work. He has been a positive influence for me during this difficult time. I recommend Prime Therapy in Riverside as a source of answers and quality treatment.”

Kevin Donaldson

“Hooman “Mike” javanmardi has my very highest recommendation for any physical therapy needs. He has literally worked wonders for me as I recuperated from a knee injury. He has “magic hands” when it comes to relieving pain and messaging damaged joints. In addition, he has restored balance and gait problems that I have had for many years!!! I made a great choice!!”

Susan LeBlanc

“Mike Javnmardi is currently working with me as I recuperate from post-knee replacement surgery. He has done wonders in restoring my range of motion after surgery and has done wonders in restoring my ability to walk properly. I have worked with other physical therapists in the past and find that Mr. Javanmardi provides a superior quality of real personal care that I did not find working with other physical therapists. I highly recommend Mr. Javanmardi as one of the finest physical therapists in the area.”

Philip Leblanc

All of the personnel are friendly & easy to work with. The PTs & Assistants are knowledgeable & competent. The atmosphere is welcoming, facilities offers a range of equipment in a small but adequate space. Questions are answered. Patients Welfare is Primary.

Kim Hille

PRIME Therapy is addressing issues related to my history of back injuries that were not addressed previously, this I really appreciate

Joanne Peterson